By Sam Shepard 

Directed by Steve Woodring.

Produced by the Bunbury Theatre at the Henry Clay Building in Louisville, KY. Lighting by Chuck Schmidt, Costumes by Teresa Greer.


This production of Buried Child was set within the carcass of a decaying farmhouse. Each wall consists of a skeleton with framing akimbo visible through window screen skin. The dynamic lighting design by Chuck Schmidt reveals and conceals the secrets the family keeps from themselves throughout the play.

The other pivotal character in this production is the environment in which it takes place. Lily Bartenstein has designed a set that is practically a character all its own, a rural Illinois farmhouse with a wraparound screen porch, so rundown that it’s almost spectral, a tangled mass of rotting screens and crooked cross-beams. This garish monument to the American Dream gone sour is the most effective set design I’ve seen all season.
— Cory Vaughn, Theatre Louisville Blog